Tirisfal   Glades   &   Lordaeron

Tirisfal   Glades   &   Lordaeron

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thalassian pass - my favourite place.

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The World of Warcraft - Abridged

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Fuck Yeah 2D Trans Girls!

Okay so this is actually pretty neat~ And thank you for the anon who informed me about this <3

This is a character that needs a backstory I feel so, after doing a little research, here we go~

Chromie is in actuality a bronze dragon; bronze dragons apparently responsible for protecting and patrolling timeways and timelines so that time stays in check. So pretty much Chromie is a time traveling dragon-girl investigator :V (pretty cool~)

Dragon’s (as far as I understand) can also take the form of mortals (i.e dwarves, humans, gnomes, elves, orcs, etc.), and Chromie herself takes the form of a cute Gnome girl~

Curiously Blizzard has established that ‘male’ dragons come with the name suffix -ormu and ‘female’ with -ormi. Chromie herself prefers to go by Chromie but confirms that her original dragon name is Chronormu.

As such many fans have concluded that Chromie is in fact a canon trans woman~ …Who also just happens to be a badass time traveling investigator who can turn into a dragon and probably eat you if you pissed her off <3

Omg Yus

I choose to accept this canon.

The   fallen   will   rise

he   allen   ill   ise

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So I am questing through Jade Forest on my blood elf and, you know what. I always used to feel both factions but ever since Cata I’ve been frustrated with the Horde and Mists questing just cements it. Fuck the Horde, I don’t care about them anymore. Should have nuked Orgrimmar into a smoking crater.

Oh wait, that was Theramore. =\

I don’t know about the first part; I think that if the themes of the Horde are moral ambiguity and struggling with one’s own dark side, then it’s the tauren who are the “least Horde-like.” I’d say that the blood elves are “darker” than the Darkspear trolls as well, even post-BC. And as far as Garrosh goes, it was the trolls and tauren who spoke out against him from the beginning and went on to lead the rebellion, while the blood elves played it safe until Garrosh had done a bunch of things to harm them personally. (Not to mention where the mana bomb came from in the first place.)

Even if you look at it aesthetically and label the Horde theme as “tribal,” the Forsaken and goblins don’t have that either. I do understand if the point is that the blood elves are less of a male power fantasy than the other Horde races, but I still wouldn’t call them “un-Horde” because of it, since I think part of their value as a playable race lies in demonstrating that Horde themes don’t have to come don’t have to come with all that machismo.

The thing that I think really defines the Horde is being the outcasts, the underdogs, those who probably shouldn’t alive but are, against all odds, and aren’t going to give that up. They’ve suffered a lot and let’s be honest, many of them have done some damn horrible things in the name of staying alive and winning.

The tauren are the ones that I feel least fit into the Horde, just because they were kind of off doing their own thing before they found orcs, and they’re still striving for harmony in a way that the rest of the Horde isn’t quite going for.

I’ll be interested to see where the Horde goes in the next expansion, because their issues really came to light with the end of Wrath. Sylvanas is basically the Lich Queen and is mostly holding back due to publicity, the blood elves know they probably can’t make it on their own due to genocide but at the same time aren’t sure they like the Horde, the orcs have to seriously deal with themselves and Garrosh and figure out where they’re going in life, the trolls are suddenly in the spotlight and have years of bad reputation to deal with, the goblins are money-grubbing mercenaries who are in this because it’s more profitable than not, and the tauren are kind of just being tauren and not always sure how to continue trying to be good people in such a screwed-up Horde. The essence of Horde is an alliance of convenience and outcasts banding together, and now that the balances of power are different, how are they going to handle things? Is the Horde going to splinter because they honestly don’t all have the same goals, not even a little bit?

The part of the Horde I sympathize with is the same part of the humans, worgen, and other Alliances races I get: the need to find a place for yourself in a changing world and figure out where you belong in a world that might not always be thrilled with the fact you exist (see: Forsaken being a thing that is, Gilneans not really having a homeland now, the seven old human kingdoms now in terrible shape and mostly just Stormwind, blood elves having to deal with the aftermath of genocide). I’m frustrated that Blizz isn’t exploring the possibilities for good internal Horde politics and how the different races are going to define themselves and deal with things, especially post-Garrosh when the lines and tensions are more clear on both sides.



"What a cruel thing is war: to separate and destroy families and friends, and mar the purest joys and happiness God has granted us in this world; to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors, and to devastate the fair face of this beautiful world."

this is so perfect in so many ways

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Someone can roleplay a half-troll half-elf dragonsworn to the purple flight daughter of Kael’thas with eyes that change color with her mood that owns the actual Thunderfury and is possessed by an ancient spirit from planet Vegeta and is capable of turning into a giant ape and runs a Stormwind Guard guild that engages in constant meddling with people’s RP making them impossible to avoid and the reaction will be “they’re just having fun with RP, let them have their fun, just go somewhere else if you don’t like it”

someone RPs a brown-skinned elf and it warrants a Very Serious Lore Discussion about how this is impossible and people should rethink their characters


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why do people say innocent animal do guilty animals even exist 



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oh god what did i do















I’ve been wondering what message it sends for awhile now, apparently it’s random?

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a thrilling story of hope, heartache and success 

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The Best of Grandmother Fa.

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